Family Business

For Whom is it Suitable?


The counseling and guidance process is intended for family businesses at different stages, as well as those surrounding them:


  • Family-owned businesses

  • Partnerships

  • Businesses where a conflict exists between family members – control struggles, succession disagreements

  • Family businesses in which there are at least two generations, or a number of family members

  • The business is in the process of transfer to the next generation or is preparing for the transfer

  • The controlling shareholders of family businesses

  • Managers of family business

  • Family members connected to the family business

  • Controlling shareholders in dilemmas regarding the process of formulating a will and the transfer of capital and assets

  • Attorneys and CPAs handling family businesses in conflict, dilemma or in a process of intergenerational transition


Not Sure if Yours is a Family Business?


While there is a variety of definitions of a family business, if the business is characterized by one of the following characteristics, then it meets the definition and can be considered a family business:


  • If the family holds a significant share of the ownership

  • A considerable degree of the day-to-day management is conducted by the family

  • Intention to bestow ownership to future generations



I would like to invite you to gain an impression from the broad variety of the services included in the consultation process and guidance for family businesses, and to contact me to arrange a free getting acquainted meeting.


Family Business