Family Business

How Does It Work?


The process for improvement of business results and family harmony is based on a unique multi-disciplinary method, which integrates between the business and the legal worlds and the interpersonal world:


  • Understanding the family-business DNA - understanding the challenges within the business environment, your unique needs and goals, together with the basic values ​​that comprise the family-business DNA that differentiates your business and cultivates excellence and success.

  • The latest global studies - throughout the process use will be made of tools and models from diverse disciplines, which rely on the most up-to-date research in this country and abroad.

  • Tailor-made holistic solutions - customized and unique solutions that are individually customized, smart and applicable for the dilemmas and challenges faced by your family business and its members.

  • Concrete output - at the end of the process you will move forward, armed with tools and concrete output, both in the business and the family realm, which will assist in coping with future dilemmas, and they will also lead you to business success and family unity - today and for the generations to come. 



When family matters and business matters are intermingled and involved, it is not simple to reach a consensus. The process must be handled with sensitivity and in a methodical manner. One must ensure that the relevant family members are involved in it, and that all are dedicated to achieving the same goals. I am here to help you reach those understandings that will generate a work environment which supports the continued existence and prosperity of the business, as well as the family in the long-term.

During the entire work process, I accompany you personally and closely - both to help you to overcome the existing challenges and to provide you with the applicable tools to successfully cope with new challenges that will arise in the future under varying circumstances.



The process of mentoring family businesses is characterized by its multi-disciplinary nature. There are business, management, legal, tax, organizational, interpersonal aspects, and many more. Furthermore, the basic premise is that both family values ​​as well as business philosophy should find expression, with the purpose of aspiring to balance and harmony between the two.


I adapt the structure of the process and the professional method to the business and your specific family, with flexibility while paying attention to the needs and sensitivities that exist within the family and the business, as well as those that may appear with the passage of time. To synchronize between the various aspirations and to prevent conflict between different needs, we combine practical thinking within the process, together with understanding and attentiveness to the needs and personal elements. It is also possible, in this way, to provide a maximum response in the various situations encountered.


Family Business