Pleased to meet you

Chen Saft-Feiglin, Family business consultant, a lawyer and notary with more than 20 years of experience in commercial law, insolvency and recovery procedures, and more than 10 years of experience as a business and family mediator. Holds a Master's degree, with honors, in Business Administration (MBA) majoring in business and managerial psychology.

Has participated in a variety of training courses for mentoring and supporting family businesses, in Israel and abroad. Member of FFI, an international organization of family business consultants. Coach and lecturer in the field of mediation, a certified group moderator and also volunteers at the South Sharon mediation center.



Expertise and Compassion 

The inherent duality in the family business - business and love - is both a source of strength, as well as the root of the challenge. While disregarding the complexity will harm both business results and the family fabric, coping with issues will free up energies for work and will allow healthy space for constructive action, creativity and thinking ahead.

At the same time it will lead to strengthening ties and preserving harmony within the family.In the family business consulting process, it is vital to pay attention to the parallel duality: expertise and compassion. Accordingly, I represent a unique combination of knowledge and experience in the worlds of business, law and mediation, which goes hand in hand, in harmony with personal skills and characteristics in interpersonal communications.



People - Processes - Business 

I am an experienced attorney, a professional and skilled mediator, and have experience and comprehension of the business world. My work over the years in these spheres has taught me that expertise alone is insufficient. Frequently, what facilitates moving beyond the impasse and reaching the desired outcome is actually related to interpersonal relations that are interwoven between client and advisor. These relationships allow for tranquility, creativity, trust and openness, which are all so essential to the entire process.

When dealing with the correlation between relationships and business, it is essential to always see the person behind the data while promoting the business facet of the process and to provide a response to the concerns of all  – both business and human.

The ability to lead a process that integrates sensitivity and gentleness, together with expertise and professionalism, allows me to offer a quality response and individually customized solutions - for the business, the family and your distinctive circumstances.