Business Mediation


The aim of business mediation is to reach an agreement or a set of agreements between two or more parties involved in a dispute. Whether the dispute is between business partners or between businesses/organizations/individuals, with the help of business mediation the parties can often reach a more comprehensive, efficient and quicker solution than would have been possible by way of the customary legal route. 


Legal proceedings usually focus on a narrow legal question that examines which of the parties is responsible for violating the agreement or has deviated from the legal norm. In contrast, business mediation addresses the dispute from a much wider prism; a prism that takes into account the full range of considerations and interests and encourages the parties to engage in an open dialogue that is not possible in the courtroom, since the judicial proceeding prompts the parties to remain entrenched in their original positions.


The business mediation process is also suitable for various disputes and conflicts arising in the course of business (both “noises” within the business and disagreements between the business and an external entity) that are not necessarily found on the threshold of a legal proceeding. A skilled mediator can offer an additional perspective on the dilemma, facilitate effective communication between the parties and together with them generate new business solutions.


An accomplished mediator will be attentive to the interests of both parties and will help them identify the issues that are genuinely important to each. Together with the parties the mediator will search for a formula that will narrow, as much as possible, the gaps between them while providing a solution that addresses the majority of interests of  the involved parties.


Accumulated experience shows that with the help of a professional, experienced and neutral mediator, a results-oriented dialog is possible, improving the chances of reaching the quickest and best possible solution for all parties. 

Business Mediation